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GIS technology has become an essential tool for any planning or decision making that involves data with a spatial/geographic component. GIS is a system of hardware, software and personnel used for storage, retrieval, mapping and analysis of geographic data.

CoreTEC specializes in consulting services in Geospatial information management, data warehousing and system integration. We help our clients find solutions to meet their business challenges and work more effectively.

  • GIS Data Management – Data conversion, Database design, Data conflation, Data migration, Geodatabase Development, Data modeling, and Publishing.
  • Data Collection – Geographic data mining and Knowledge discovery from renown Spatial Data warehouses, repositories and GIS Web portals; Clean-up and standardization; and checks for accuracy, currency, compatibility and completeness of the geospatial data, for use in GIS analysis.
  • GIS Mapping Services – to handle your specific geospatial data, projects and challenges. Leverage your location-based services on our extensive in-house mapping expertise, spatial data processing and maintenance.
  • Web Mapping Solutions– Web GIS is becoming an essential component of many GIS application solutions. From National government agencies and corporate enterprise solutions to County governments and private organizations, a website presence with mapping capabilities is now very common and ideal.
  • GIS Consultancy – providing clients with on-site GIS support, training, staff augmentation, GIS maintenance, GIS mapping, GIS project management services.
  • Geospatial Integration and Design – CoreTEC is highly experienced with Enterprise information systems, system integration, and system architecture and design, and now brings the power of GIS to complement existing IT systems.
  • Geospatial Planning and Analysis– providing the best-in-class technology, service integration and data with Microsoft Solutions.

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